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Water Guns : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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When I was about 12 years old I saw a new kid walk in through the door of my church’s youth group room.  At that time I had no idea that he had ADHD or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or that he was made fun of all his life because he could not pay attention.  For the next three weeks, every Sunday he would come watch us play over the summer and then leave.  Finally, I told my friends that we should hang out with him the next time he comes because he was always alone.  So next week I ran up to him with two water guns, (it was summer and we were doing water games) gave him one and I told him to follow me.  He grabbed it fast and was behind me in a second with a big smile on his face.  That day was one of the most fun of my life, shooting water with a new friend and laughing when we were hit with a cold blast of water on a hot summer day.  When it started to get dark, I ran up to him and asked his name as he was getting in his car soaking wet, he called it out as he drove away.  When I met James and started to get to know him after that day, I noticed that he was hyper and didn’t pay attention well but I didn’t care.  We started to hang out more and more outside of church over summer and I was amazed how close we got in such little time.  He had told me that he was diagnosed with ADHD and that is why he doesn’t up to people easily because he gets nervous and doesn’t want people to judge him.  I told him I didn’t care what he had because deep down it’s the personality that counts.  My friendship grew with him and he taught me that it doesn’t matter what disability you have but rather deep down in the heart.  Never judge a book by its cover; you never know what kind of person they really are until you had them a bright neon green water gun.

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    Good storie!