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Video Resumes


Video resumes are the future of job applications. They usually spans one to three minutes and allow job applicants to highlight certain skills such as communication, presentation and leadership abilities. It concisely explains your skills and accomplishments as they relate to a prospective employer. It also includes your answers to commonly asked interview questions such as

• Your name and short introduction
• Your dream job and related previous experience
• Your talents and unique qualities and strengths

Traditional resumes have a major shortcoming as they do not allow candidates to rate themselves on important soft skills which are central to landing into the right job and to be successful in it.

Video resumes are also great for employers as they can quickly display a job applicant’s communication skills and other abilities, which are difficult to discover from traditional resume.

These resumes can be posted on social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook or they can be stored securely on our website.


The process for creating a video resume is very straight forward.

1.Register for one of the upcoming Video Resume recording events that we organize every month at a local public library. We will confirm your reservation and also provide a questionnaire or a set of frequently asked interview questions to help you prepare for the video resume recording.

2.We ask you to sign the Video Release Form that gives us permission to work to record you and work with you.

3.We have good quality digital recorders that we use to record you. For a 1-3 minutes video resume, it typically takes about 10-15 min to do the recording, which includes 2-3 takes.

4.The recording is done in public place such as parks, libraries, etc. to give a more natural look to the video.

5.We then go back to our lab, where we edit the recording to insert your contact information and other details as appropriate.

6.Once the video resume is ready, we host it on our website and give you a username and password to access the recording.

7.Once you are satisfied with the video, you can either continue to keep it on our website or if you want a wider exposure, then upload it onto social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook, etc.


There are numerous companies that provide professional video resume service. Typically these services cost a few hundred dollars. We are making this service available to you as a community service at absolutely no cost.