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Video Resumes at Via West

http://www.ezihotelbooking.com/A secluded camp near the Stevens Creek Reservoir has a single pathway that acts as its entrance and exit. With a threatening “Do Not Enter” sign, it seems almost unlikely that the road ahead leads to a wonderful place that helps people with disabilities all around the world. Yes, I’m talking about Via West’s Campus on Stevens Creek Canyon Road.

Via West Services holds residential summer camps throughout the whole summer for people of all disabilities to help them experience activities they may never have the chance to do anywhere else. This week, Via West’s summer session theme was Careers. As you know by now, WorldWeDream is consistently helping people join the workforce with the use of video resumes so that people with disabilities or people who are underprivileged have the opportunity to contribute to the community.

My summer volunteers and I have now dared the journey of recording the video resumes of over 90 people with disabilities in under three days. While toiling with issues such as dead batteries and unclean lenses, we also heard many life-altering stories about the camp members.

Many camp members, although non-verbal, were always jubilant and compassionate to others around them. It didn’t stop there. The volunteers, some of whom had never had any experience with people with disabilities poured their hearts into caring for and helping out every single one of the 90 camp members.

My volunteers and I were simply amazed by all of the compassion and inspiration that was bubbling in this secluded forest. It needed to be documented somewhere. The world needed to see the amazing stories and give the chance to these amazing people. WorldWeDream hopes that through our upcoming video resumes and video-stories, everyone can see just how amazing people with disabilities are and learn from the example set by the volunteers, counselors, and staff members of Via West Services.