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Unlimited: By Kushan Gupta

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We’re all raised with the belief that everything has a limit and that it’s in our best interest to not push those confinements. I too was one of those believers and therefore I believed that those with disabilities are quite seriously limited in what they can do. In my eyes, the disabled didn’t have the ability to do a lot of things which are possible for the rest of us which is why they were considered to be well.. disabled. This belief of mine though was shaken when I first learned about Nick Vujicic off a youtube video about his life. At first, I felt immensely sorry and was filled with pity almost after seeing that this man had no arms and no legs due to a genetic disorder (now this was truly a man with some serious limitations in my mind). By the time the video ended though, my opinion of him was completely altered; the pity I had for him was replaced with pure awe and respect. This man born with no legs to walk with or hands to use, gave off the feeling of being one the happiest man on Earth by cherishing his life and making the best of every situation he is put into. Vujicic, in the video, was shown to play soccer with his children and friends as well as being an influential member of the stock market truly showing that even those who seem to lack what others have, can do the same things as us and be in the same types of positions. Putting aside his disabilities, he began to work as an inspirational speaker in order to show the world that no matter how bad the circumstances may seem, one can always make the best of it and be happy – a successful concept for which he is living proof. Nick Vujicic showed me that no one is ever limited; everyone has the ability to overcome their shortcomings and reach for their goals. The possibilities in our lives are unlimited.

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