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Tracy : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge


Photo Courtesy of Paperclip.Pro

I have a friend named Tracy. I met Tracy though a volunteering event a few years ago, where we were making paper cards for children at a local orphanage. We talked and worked at the same time, each describing our lives at home. Tracey told me that she liked to write poems, so I asked her to write a poem for me. I gave her time to think and we continued to work on the cards in the meantime. By the end of the event, Tracey had completed the poem. She recited it to me in a soft voice, describing colors. She talked about how red was like the sweet, strong smell of roses, and orange was like the zest of citrus and the sound of children. She told me that yellow was like the sound of a saxophone and green was the smell of grass. She said blue was the sound of seagulls, the salty smell of the sea. Purple was a silk pillow, the smell of lavender and sleep.  Black was darkness, dreams, and silence, brown was dirt, the crumbling bark of a tree. Grey was chaos and a haze. Then I learned that she was blind. Meeting Tracy has been such an eye-opener. I never appreciated colors until I heard Tracey’s poem. It makes me feel ashamed to consider myself an artist and not connect to colors as much as Tracy did. It showed me that I really should take the time to understand and appreciate the colors in the world. It makes me think and imagine myself blind; try to imagine colors that way.