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Tony – My Friend : By Anonymous

http://www.fundacionnipace.org/About seven years ago I met a young man named Tony. He was 16 years old  trying to get by in an over populated high school not far from home. When he was  3 he had a terrible accident wich left him in a full body cast for 6 months. He  fell out of a 3 story apartment window. After his accident poor Tony began to  develop a severe case of cerebral palsy. His hands stiffened and toes curled,  making it hard for him to walk or write. So you can just imagine how much fun  the bullys have picking on someone thats not like they are. I became very close  to tony when I signed up to help with the special olympics. I talked to these  kids, I played with them, we laughed and we cried togethor. I quickly found out  they are no different from me…only in apperance. They felt the same things and  saw the same things as me. I felt drawn to be around these kids, they made me  feel good! So throughout high school we continued our friendships and to this day are still friends.

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