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Three Qualities : By James M – Grace Community Center

In the past year I’ve discovered qualities about [me] that I had not given myself credit for in the past. Here are 3 qualities about myself that I’d like to share.

First, I am able to endure a great deal of hardship. I’ve lived with a disability and a disease that nearly took my life. My disability made every day of my life unbearable and the only way to cope was by drinking (my disease). I heard voices and suffered from delusions. It’s a miracle that God gave me the strength and endurance to persevere these burdens.

Photo coutesy of http://www.gracebaptistpartnership.org.uk/

The next quality I’d like to share about myself is my ability to overcome hardship by being abstinent. I learned that in order for me to get well, the only thing I had to do was give up drinking and follow my doctor’s orders to the letter. At first it was difficult but I was determined to get well so I did what doesn’t come naturally and I stayed abstinent for over a year while following my doctor’s orders. The results have been very good.

The final quality I’d like to share is my gratitude. I am truly grateful for the compassion and understanding that so many people have shown me. There’s really no way for me to repay those who’ve helped me with money so instead I’ve decided to repay with good deeds. By doing this I feel like I’m living a proper life by being caring, supportive and nurturing toward others.

James is resident at Grace Community Center