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The Wrestler: By Shubhankar Jain

“And on the championship mat for the 106 pound weight class, we have Kelsee Chen from Gunn and Matthew Rondo from Healdsburg!” the announcer’s voice rung loud and clear throughout the gym. At the lowest weight class, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the wrestlers.

The wrestlers walked onto the mat. The girl Kelsee was about 5’4”, and she jumped up and down to loosen her body before the match. Across from her stood Matthew. Expecting to see an individual of the same height, I was amazed by what I saw next. Matthew was warming up at the height of 3′ 6”. Legs shorter than most people’s, Matthew was not fazed. The opponents shook hands and with a clear whistle, the match begun.

After the many takedowns, reversals, and final whistle, Kelsee emerged as champion of the 106 pound weight class. However, that didn’t make Matthew any less of a champion. He may have been small due to his dwarfism, but his loss by only 2 points didn’t show any difference between him and the larger Kelsee. Healdsburg had a fine wrestler Matthew Rondo, and nothing was going to stop him from doing what he wanted.