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Story of Bob Hunter – Inspirational mentor, coach, friend and teacher: By Naveen Jain

Mr. Bob Hunter began his career at Miller Middle School in 1960 at the young age of 28. During his 39 years of physical education teacher, he impacted thousands of young students. He was a mentor and a friend to many. These friendships that he developed with his students continued to flourish even after they left Miller. This is very well evident from comments left on this page on Sandlothero.com page – plagiarism checker for ieee papers online.

He helped found Cupertino’s remedial physical education program for students with permanent or temporary disabilities. He was recognized by multiple awards including PTA Honorary Service Award in 1976, Miller Yearbook was dedicated to him in 1980 and he was California’s Junior High School Coach of the Year in 1980 and 1994. Finally, when he retired, Miller’s gym was named Hunter gym.

The way he helped people with disability left a credible mark. He designed programs to meet individual needs arising from polio, heart conditions, asthma, allergies, injured musles and other major/minor problems. E.g. in his tenure at Miller, it took 6-8 weeks but he was able to get a blind student in the swimming pool. He was also able to get a boy who couldn’t tie his shoes is on trampoline, another in a leg cast bowls and potential drop out had a good time at school.

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