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Soccer : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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In my high school history class, we had an assignment to go out and do community service for school credit. When I first heard of this assignment, I was intrigued, because I always feel like I should do something for the community, but could never seem to find the time. The teacher told us of a program that helps disabled (either physically or mentally) children learn to play soccer. I was really interested because since I’m the eldest child in my family, I’ve always had a passion for helping younger children learn something new. I asked my friends and we signed up together.

After signing in when we got to the park on a Sunday afternoon, we were immediately assigned to a specific child; mine was Avi. Throughout the practice, the coach showed us different drills and games and my job was to stay with him and help him accomplish the task. Avi was one of the better-behaved kids at the practice, and for that, I was grateful. Some of the other volunteers were running after their “children” but I was focused on Avi. Avi was a little slow in processing the information he was told, but he was not aggressive or too energetic like some of the others.

This experience was very rewarding. I loved seeing Avi’s face break out into a huge smile every time he scored a goal. He was so happy with himself and it gave him another boost of confidence that he could do it! He would race back to the start and do it all over again. Another reward that came out of this experience was meeting his parents. I could really see that they cared deeply about him and seeing him so delightful made them proud. I was honored to be able to help give that to them. This volunteering opportunity turned out to be quite successful and I definitely will go back for the next season! This was a great way to give back to the community. Now that I look back, I’m happy that I experienced working with Avi; not for school credit, but to give him to opportunity to learn soccer and be part of a team.

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