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Smile : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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In my world history class, there is a boy named David, who is blind. He never really talked to me,¬†apart from the time when he told me that he went on 13 rides in a single day at Great America. Although no one talks to him that much, and he sits in the front left corner (the opposite direction from me), he still inspires me every day– quietly, in his own way. Rather than going to “special ed,” he’s in a normal class. He recognizes people by the sound of their voice and greets them by name in the hallways. Rather than confining himself to academics, he’s gone on and become a champion wrestler, as well as a great clarinet player! Most of all, though, he loves his life; even I, a perfectly normal student, don’t seem to appreciate life as much as he does. Though his eyes are closed, he is always, always smiling. That day when he went on 13 rides, he joked about saying that he got “disoriented and claustrophobic” if he waited in lines, which was how he got to get to the front of every line! I truly admire his ability to be positive, inside and out. He treats his disability like an asset, and he lives life to the fullest. I believe that he not only inspires me to appreciate what I have, but also everyone around him. He is such a blessing, even as he sits quietly every day in the corner of history class.