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Smile : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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From the beginning, I have always found joy in helping others. I encountered the most significant and memorable helping experiences when I was helping my close friend. Although he is mentally challenged, he is a great influence on me. In age, he is two years older than me; however, he has a mind similar to that of a six year old. He has difficulty concentrating on an activity for more than ten minutes, so when I spend time with him we do various activities. To me, neither his lack of concentration nor his façade matters, what evokes me, is his happiness. I love to spend time with him and see him seize every moment with happiness. I believe he is blessed and intelligent to be capable of finding such happiness in the smallest situations. This friend is probably the most optimistic person I have met in my entire life. It surprises me how he is capable of finding happiness so easily, especially, when I consider his disability. Numerous people constantly want to be happy in the world, but they cannot find happiness in a simple smile or a game as he can. For this, he is judicious. I have never seen him angry or sad; he is always smiling. His presence has helped me realize I should never feel setback by failures, as there is always a good side to everything. One day when I was upset about a bad test grade, I was fortunate enough to see him (my close friend). When I met him, I told him why I was so upset. Sitting at a bench, with my head down, I was unaware of my surroundings. I was not sure if he was listening to me, but as a response he laughed and pointed at a baby in a stroller. Then, he said, “Look at that baby smiling!”.At first I ignored him, but he constantly tapped my shoulder and said, “Look at that baby!”, so I finally looked. After seeing the baby, I looked at my friend, I noticed that the baby’s smile engendered him to jump and clap cheerfully. This experience made me realize that even if something unfortunate takes place, happiness should not be misplaced. Despite his disabilities, he has inspired me to maintain a positive attitude.

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