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Silence Is Truly Golden : By Panchavan Parivendan

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When we think of great leaders, we always assume that they must be able to speak; able to stir the masses. But, a true leader does not say much. He does not command with his words but by his¬†actions. I know a man – a great man in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. His name is Dr. Srinivasan Ramurthy. He won’t be found in Wikipedia or Google. You can find him in our hearts. He advocates anti-corruption and he lives to that promise. He walks to his work and eats simple food. He resigned his doctor job to assist the poor like me. He gives us clothes and shelter. Best of all, he does not boast his deeds. He remains quiet in meetings and he says little anywhere. He’s a funny guy and kind one too. May he live long.

Panchavan Parivendan is a B.Com student at M.S. Ramaiah College at Banglore