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Second Workshop at Grace Community Center

This past Friday, I went to the Art and Wellness Studio for Grace Community Center for another writing workshop. Just a reminder for you if you don’t know why WorldWeDream is running workshops at Grace Community Center:

At the workshop, people are free to make art or write stories to express themselves. On Friday, several people came and I was once again, amazed by the stories that they had to tell. The stories and artwork that are created here every second Friday of the month will be compiled and presented on Disability Awareness Day in Downtown San Jose. We’ll distribute the stories in booklets and auction the wonderful art that the workshop members create.

Many new people as well as old people came to the workshop and talked about their lives and experiences. As every experience throughout this journey has taught me something new, this experience did not fail to give me new pieces of learning either.

One person, whose name I won’t take, told about her experience working at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and how she helped institutionalized people with disabilities. She described how she was in their position before and over the years, had worked and improved to reach a point that now she, with her disability, now volunteers there to help others who were in her position. I was so surprised and inspired by her story. She and others have written about amazing life experiences. I hope you read them when Disabilitiy Awareness Day rolls around!