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Sam : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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A few years ago, there was a family who lived in my apartment complex. Their son, Sam, was unlike others. He was disabled and so, his thinking process was slow. He seemed as though he was not able to function on his own. Since my sister was close friends with Sam’s sister, Lillian, they would often visited us. While my sister was busy playing with Lillian, Sam had nothing to do. He simply sat there bored and lonely. It almost looked as if he was about to cry. Although I had some homework left to finish, I decided to brighten his day and took out a board game. As I approached him, I introduced myself and I soon got to know him better. Before I knew it, we were too busy playing to even realize that it was time for him to leave.

This experience has taught me that those who are disabled should not be frowned upon but rather should be welcomed. If I had never approached Sam the day he came over, I would have never knew that he was so compassionate and amusing. From then on, I have been motivated to care for the disabled. My sister applies her compassion to the community and offers free violin lessons for people like Sam. Like her, I also plan to help them in some way. Though my plan is vague, Sam has taught me to think about individuals such as him that are constrained in society due to genetics.

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