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Recycle Bin : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

Photo Courtesy of http://norwalkchildrensfoundation.org/

During a regular day in class a year ago, I sat the closest next to the door and was in charge of turning on and off the lights. While I was listening to a lecture from Mr. Jia (My Chinese teacher) I heard the door open and thought it was another student coming in until I heard a sound of the recycle bin falling, I turned around and saw a young girl around my age that was evidently mental disabled just by looking at her face. The way she stood there looking at the recycle bin smiling, but staring at it for at least an entire minute which felt like an eternity. At that time, I didn’t know what she was doing, but I ignored her thinking she would leave. I spun back to look at Mr. Jia and couldn’t help, but notice that no one else bothered to look back at what happened. After a couple seconds I turned back and saw that she was still standing there staring at that same blue, rectangle shaped recycling bin. I finally decided to help her pick up the blue recycling bin which I thought what she wanted to do in the first place. After I handed the blue bin full of papers, she automatically grabbed it as if she was a computer and left, walking out the door. As the door was slowly shutting, I thought to myself, what was she doing?, why did she want that recycling bin?. A moment later, she came back in with the same recycling bin, but this time it was empty. Soon, I found out she dumped it out in a large trash bin being supervised by what it seemed like the adult who was in charge of the mentally disabled girl. I sat back down to listen to my daily lecture, but what felt like an hour was actually a 2 minute scene. No one noticed what I did, but after that little thing I did, I’ve never teased or bothered another mentally disabled person. Surprisingly, I became friendlier. Whenever I hear another student make fun of a mentally disabled student, I would always try and defend from what they were saying. This experience has affected me for the last one year and will probably be with me going into my college year. I’ve always considered this as my “recycle bin” story, but never told anyone because who would want to hear about this useless “stuff”. If anyone did, they would be teased, but that is how the real world works and no one notices what is happening around them, but maybe, by some chance, it’ll change.