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Mother-Daughter: Poem By Judy Paulson

essay on animalsPhoto Courtsey of http://www.gospelkoor-revelation.nl/essay-about-education-is-the-key-to-success/


I see your potential; proudly stand by your side

Take you out in the open; don’t let you hide

Holding on to your hand; holding on really tight

I’ll stand by your side; day and night.


I’ll give you the courage to stand straight and tall

Try new experiences; never let you fall

I’ll help fight your battles; fight for your rights

I’ll stand by your side; day and night


Roses are crimson
Violets are blue
I may be Down syndrome
But I’m human too

I can learn the same things
Just at a slower pace
You can tell that I’m different
Just look at my face

You can stare if you want to
And judge me if you like
But that won’t help you
Be a part of my life

If you get to know me
Your outlook will change
Because you will see
That I’m not so strange

I’m kind and compassionate
Thoughtful and true
I care about my friends
Won’t you be one too?

I have the same interests
Boys, music, makeup and all
I like shopping
And hanging out at the mall

Get to know me if you want to
If not, it won’t make me cry
You really will be cool
If you just give it a try

I’ll make a big difference in your life
Just you wait and see
Because there is no one on earth
As compassionate as me

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  1. Vandana says:

    Very touchy, well said.