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Our Story

Paras and Shubhankar

My little brother Paras was born in 2000. 18 months later, he was diagnosed with autism. As he grew older, my family and I saw the communication and behavioral difficulties that he faced. We were blessed to find organizations in our area that helped Paras overcome these challenges. We experienced services given to Paras and other children facing similar difficulties and were thankful to all the effort they put in to aid my brother, but we still worried for his future and the question of whether he would become an independent individual. Accordingly, my family and I looked into transitional programs in the Bay Area and noticed that the current programs were having a tough time in filling the gap between education in school and work in the community. Young special need adults who were capable in finding a job or even a better one were not given the proper opportunity due to their communication abilities.

In response to this concern, WorldWeDream began in order to increase the chances of these unrepresented groups in society to integrate and become a part of the community. With today’s technology, we found an approach to provide special needs and underprivileged greater advantage in the job and college market: internet and video resumes. Video resumes provide more information about the candidate ultimately giving a better and more thorough view of the applicant. For people who have not had job experience or who have difficulty in communicating, video resumes are largely beneficial.

We also realized that there is a need to foster inspiration and compassion in the society on everyday basis, so that people in general focus on abilities rather than disabilities. Therefore, we encourage everyone, including young kids, to share their true life experiences, especially involving people with capability challenges, of inspiration and compassion. These stories inspire people with disabilities to excel in what they do best. They also inspire people without disabilities to play important backstage role of helping people with disability to excel.

My hope is to expand this program worldwide so that we can assist special needs and underprivileged people in all parts of the world to integrate in the community and close the gap of the transition between education and community. We want global community integration because as a result, the potential to make a positive difference in the world grows exponentially. We want to improve the world, starting off with the community. We want to create the World We Dream.

-Shubhankar Jain

President and Founder