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One of God’s Angels on Earth


Photo courtesy of Peileppe

Throughout all life’s obstacles and hurdles my younger brother has gone through and accomplished what most people that met him didn’t think was possible. My brother was born unique and has a wonderful personality if you get the chance to meet him and give him the chance to shine. Most people have looked at my brother and I do admit judged on first sight and were mean, never giving him the chance to show them that he was an amazing person if they had given him the benefit of a doubt. My brother is two years younger than I, but has graduated high school and has a job. He may have been born with Aperts Syndrome and is special for who he is and his wonderful personality. No matter who is mean to him he still has a smile on his face and doesn’t let anyone get him down. He has gone through plastic surgery to help shape his facial features to help him but after his last one where he had almost died, my mother told the doctors that was the end of that because he was fine the way he was. He has learned to speak through sign language and even taught me quite, as well as motivated me to learn more so I could communicate with him. He can now speak with his own voice, not as clear as most people’s but for my family it is enough since he can speak. I believe that he is one of gods angels that walks on earth since he is happy just by the smallest things and can make anyone that gives him the chance to smile!

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