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Noreen-My Light, My Angel: By Ruchika

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In 2002, I was blessed with an angel whom we named, Noreen who was a special child having Holoprosencephaly- a very very rare disease where two hemispheres of brain are fused. It was a shock for the family. I was a happy go lucky fellow who never took life seriously always indulging in light reading. Noreen was a fighter kid. She also taught me to be a fighter mom. I never realized the amount of power I had till she came in my life. Before her, I was a very light sleeper and if somebody chance to disturb me, I would be sore for the day. With her, I could sleep sitting and even standing as sleep became a very rare incident. We both used to sleep for the most 2 hours at night and during the day my little angel would sleep but I had to look after my other 3 yr old sweet naughty boy. I got the required strength from some spiritual books which I would never have looked before. It added the missing spiritual dimension to my life. What a roller coaster life became. In and out of hospitals, not even stepping out of home for days together, 18 hours a day spent in just feeding her and her brother, taking her to some so called “alternative doctors” , visiting all the temples and praying to all the existing divine souls. But she was a bundle of joy. Always smiling inspite that she could not breathe properly or eat.
But I underwent so many realizations. I stopped taking normal kids “for granted” which one normally does. God was always there with me and provided strength in for of knowledge. Whenever I needed some answers, I would find them one day I was asking HIM why my child was suffering so much? I happened to open a book and there it was written “ NEVER ASK WHY ASK HOW” . it really helped me.
In 2007 I started listening to spiritual talks by sisiter shivani – “ Awakening with Brahmakumaris” . It provided with much needed solace. I realized we all are souls even if we are handicapped. Soul has the capacity to receive vibration even if its external senses are not working properly. The thing I regret the most is that I just listened to her but did not go to the centre to learn meditation myself. Otherwise I would have enjoyed Noreen better. She left my world in may 2009 when she was 7. Now I had to visit the Rajyoga Centre to little the pain which bordered on shattering my very being.
Now the other most important chapter of my life begun. What a journey it has been. I am so contended and at peace now. If now somebody pities me for noni, I do not know how to tell them “ How LUCKY I have been to have Noreen!” she was and still is the Light which showed me the real path of life. If it would not have been for her , I would never have learnt in my 7 lives which I learnt in 7 years. With Rajyoga meditation, I have learnt that a soul never dies and just changes the body. I still am close to her and send her my vibrations of love all the time. She is receiving her and is a very happy nearly 2 yr old angel again and lighting so many other lives with her innate radiance.
I am thankful to the ALMIGHTY for having blessed me with a dear daughter like her.