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No Difference : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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One of my hobbies is volunteering.  Being a young teenager, I believe thatvolunteering is important in our community. I volunteer at the library for acraft program where I help children make crafts for them to enjoy.  As I was volunteering at the library one day,for a craft program, I had seen a disabled kid. At first, I used to not care about people in general….but then with volunteering, it made a huge differencein my life on who I view people today.  Isaw other kids looking and staring at her and felt that she was normal likeeveryone else. I disliked the fact how other people starting to make assumptionswhen she was just a normal person. I helped her make the craft and tried to make her as happy as possible just like the other kids I tried to make it seemas if there was no difference between the other children because there was NOdifference at all. I respected those who helped her because she was as normalas every other child that day.  In factshe made one of the best crafts that day! Often times, when we see someonedisabled we may make wrong assumptions – but really there is no differencebetween disabled children and other children and people in general. With thatday, I had made a new friend and realized that I have learned that everyone isthe same and that they have unique qualities and talents within them.  I have seen some friends that are in bestbuddies, and I really respect them. With my experience with a disabled girl,my friend’s experiences, it has all inspired me to join Best Buddies next year.I am really looking forward to making new friends- disabled or not.