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My Visit to Abilities United

Today, I had the opportunity to visit Abilities United, an organization in Palo Alto with the a mission similar to ours: Abilities United champions people with developmental and physical challenges and provides the training, education, and support they need to lead the lives they choose.

Wendy Kuehnl, their amazing Director of Marketing and Communications, was able to give me a tour of the place. Behind all the main buildings, a quick walk away, we visited the therapeutic swimming pool that is open to all community members. At the pool, instructors help people with disabilities, or without, do aerobics, calming exercises, or simply meditate so as to relax the mind and body. I had previously never seen such a pool. Already astounded by the therapy available at the pool, Wendy then took me to the main building. There, I saw several one-on-one rooms devoted to providing speech, occupation, and physical therapy for all clients. I also learned that they even had a living skills building that was created to help people with special needs adapt to living independently and gaining the skills required to live on their own. I could not believe that there was an organization like this that provided so many opportunities to integrate special needs in the community and help them with their lives in the future.

After having a pleasant conversation with Wendy later on, we agreed that the stories of their clients must be told to the world. These people who had learned and benefited from the therapies and have a wonderful story to tell the community. It was our job to get their stories from them and tell them to the community. We want to teach everyone that although people may have disabilities, they can overcome them and achieve their goals. To do this, in the near future, we will have our volunteers go to Abilities United to interview the wonderful people who have benefited from the services and therapies provided at Abilities United and write their stories to show everyone in the community.

I’d like to thank Wendy for giving me the opportunity to visit Abilities United. I was definitely amazed by the services that Abilities United provided and the idea of integration of people with disabilities with the community. Stay tuned to see the stories from Abilities United!

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  1. Wendy Kuehnl says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful post Shubby! It was a great pleasure and honor to tour you and learn about your incredible organization and vision for World We Dream. You are incredible and an inspiration to all of us. All of us at Abilities United look forward to working with you and everyone at World We Dream to share stories of the amazing people who inspire us.