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My Experience with a Disability: By Anonymous


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True and yet to say to overcome something, whatever it be, you must endure with patience, TLC, and it seems formally congenial but the fact is damage that has been done has been done.  Where help is needed it is needed.  But self-assurance, along with motivation, and most of all, will, can change one’s outlook on hurt.  Trial and error.  But in error learn to take worthwhile steps again and forward to look to new tomorrows.  I believe most of all laughter is the best medicine and remedy.

Living with a disability isn’t fun.  I as well as others know this.  I believe though that if you can make something out of nothing, it sure helps.  Be real Brent, be real.  To recognize it yes, but to put a negative attitude will not make it better.  Realistic apprehension of the will to live can be positive.  True to a diagnosis can be attained but with life’s problems you can’t ignore it.  Try to make something out of nothing: writing, conversing, and having a good time.  Many a person has built a structured, firm foundation despite what is wrong with him.  Man, isn’t there something wrong with everybody?  Keep cool.  Have faith.  And the guidance of the road you follow will be better.  Hold your chin up.