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My Boss, Angie: By Judy Lipcsak

­­­­child obesity essayWhen I graduated from college, my first “real” job was a Program Coordinator for The Muscular Dystrophy Association in my area. My boss was an amazing woman named Angie. She was the MDA Director for the Beaver, Butler, Lawrence & Mercer counties in Pennsylvania. Angie was not only the director of a multi-county area, but she was also a MD patient.  Angie worked tirelessly, despite her condition.

Toward the end of my employment, I was at the organization on a temporary grant. I spent a day driving Angie to meetings with some of our corporate partners. The meetings were all over an hour from her home and it was my first time driving a wheelchair equipped van.  She weathered the trip, without complaint, despite my driving. She never let anyone know how tired she was or that she was coming down with a potentially dangerous cold.

Another time, she once stopped me at an event to give me final instructions for my first dance marathon. She was on her way to the Emergency Room that day. Even though her life was in danger, she still needed to make sure that she was doing her job right. Angie taught me to keep going, even when circumstances want to hold you back.  She kept going as long as she could and succeeded in spite of her disability.

Her “never give up” example was invaluable to me when I was diagnosed with a form of dystrophy. Angie’s example kept me working long after my doctor began suggesting that I quit.  I may have cried all the way home every day for close to four years after learning about my ailment, but I never let myself forget that Angie never complained and fought through everything.