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Misty : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

Photo Courtesy of http://pustolovec.si/

One of the people who goes to my church, is a college graduate girl named Misty. She is currently struggling with lung cancer and lung problems. She has gotten a double lung transplant, necessary for her to stay alive, and has endured ever since. She has gone through numerous surgeries and has fought agaisnt her disease for her life. Misty was a track runner, and had a passion for activity before she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She is no longer able to do what she loves because of the way lung cancer disables her lungs. She is such an inspiration to me because even though she is not able to do what she loves, she still fights for her life and stays happy and confident. Misty has been my role model because when I feel that I have problems that are too hard to deal with, I think of her, and how she continues to live to her fullest, even with her cancer. I do not know most of the details of her personal struggles with lung cancer, but I do know that she is currently in the hospital recieving another surgery because of her lung condition.

Misty is loved by so many people because of her caring and affectionate heart. I hope she is able to overcome this period in her life and continue to impact the people who have watched her struggle for her life, and see how amazing she grows throughout her difficulties.