Mary Doten: Five decades worth of life’s greatest experiences: 50 Years of Abilities United

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amur leopard research paper “un-trainable”. He was attending a specialized pre-school, but the family needed help after hours and some respite time.

 During the summer Jimmy attended a morning program and I participated as his caregiver. Every afternoon and on weekends I was also with him.

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land use land cover research paper I married during that volunteer time and though my husband and I have been in and out of the Bay Area since 1972, there has always been something at Abilities United that has drawn me back into their fold. I was active on the Authors Luncheon (fundraiser) planning committee in the early 1990’s until 2007 and co-chair of the Authors Luncheon in 2001 and 2003.

Through the many moves I have had, I have never found an organization to match the quality of the services and employees at Abilities United. Abilities United is a very special place, and it was a wonderfully rewarding place to have volunteered! rack and pinion research paper My volunteer experiences and years with Abilities United have been many and varied, all because of a little boy named Jimmy. In honor of my childhood friend, my husband and I placed a special brick in honor of Jimmy in the Abilities United Heritage Garden. Knowing Jimmy and everything I experienced because of him helped form the rest of my life and proved to be one of my greatest satisfactions in life.

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