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It’s a New Year!

It’s been a year since WorldWeDream revamped with their new website and goal in mind! And the results have shown. This past year, we were able to

  • Write and share almost 100 stories.
  • Compile stories from Grace Community Center into a book known as Holding Hope
  • 35 video resumes with Via West
  • March Story Writing Challenge
  • Cupertino UN Story Writing Challenge

Thank you all visitors, readers, and writers for making WorldWeDream’s efforts come true. A social movement meant to inspire and encourage those in the community was a thought in my head one and a half years ago. And at this point, we have made an impact with the help of everyone here. But there lies more ahead! I hope you stay with us on this journey to integrate everyone in the community to create a more efficient and wholesome society to live in.