If I Had a Usual Child

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term paper on cache memory In the evening I would tell him to put everything in his backpack, take a shower and go to sleep. sample mla research paper format Throughout the day, I would probably fuss why his room is such a mess or he throws all his clothes on the floor. I might argue about the time he spends on the computer or watching TV, or some other minor issues. research paper on bank failures BUT I DON’T HAVE A USUAL CHILD and my daily schedule is so different. No one can really understand. internet marketing research paper I wake my son up in the morning, take him to the bathroom, help him wash his face, brush his teeth, help him get dressed, and fix his backpack. Only, he doesn’t have books or notebooks or pencils in his backpack. He has just snacks, lunch, a change of clothes, and colored straws. how many sources should a 10 page research paper have I never ask him what he wants for lunch because he won’t answer. And I can only hope he will eat whatever I give him. I take him to school, and walk him all the way to his class. I then “hand him over” to one of the staff, and say “Bye”. research paper on carnival When school is over, I take him back home. I don’t ask him how his day was. He doesn’t respond. I don’t tell him to do his homework. He doesn’t have any. I don’t take him to after school activities. He doesn’t want to participate in them. And he doesn’t meet friends. I try from time to time to have play dates with similar kids, but they barely react to each other. He doesn’t play with any of his toys even though he has many. Instead, he prefers to wander around in the backyard picking leaves. artist research paper lesson plan Every afternoon there are therapists that come to work with him. They teach him stuff like playing, drawing, and even brushing his teeth. Oh, and they mustn’t forget to take him to the bathroom every hour. Otherwise “accidents” happen. research paper arguments topics At night I help him take a shower and then I take him to bed and stay in his room until he falls asleep. research paper on computer network topology I don’t argue with him, because you can’t do it. Sometimes I get mad at him even though I know it is useless. That’s just how it is – I don’t have a “usual” child. ruby bridges research paper So apparently you get used to many things. You get used to taking a 10 year old boy to the bathroom. You get used to washing few pairs of underwear every day. You get used to the strange voices he makes. You get used to people staring.  You get used to him grabbing food or snacks from others. You get used to apologizing on behalf of him. You get used to not leaving him alone for a moment. You get used to always be ready, if he suddenly starts running in any direction. You get used to not having a “usual” child.

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