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HOHAE: By Joshua Park

Edited by Sunwoo Jeong

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Last year, I had the opportunity to watch a documentary about a child who had been inflicted with cancer. While watching this film, I could see the exhaustion on his face from of all of the treatments and medications that he had to go through on a daily basis, despite the fact that he was very young in age. Being heavily moved after watching the film, I decided to join an organization called HOHAE which raised awareness and helped mentally disabled children in multiple ways. Most of my efforts came from helping them by teaching them how to draw and sketch, but our main purpose went to helping them to be happy by showing them love and affection. Based on my experiences from this program, children in this HOHAE program definitely receive a positive influence and look forward to seeing the volunteers come every week. The smiles on their faces were a strong motivation of involvement; I wanted to help these children remain joyful and maintain a smile on their faces. In a personal experience, this volunteering helped me become a more patient person in general. They spit, bit, pushed, and did many other things that often irritated me to a great extent, but seeing how much fun they were having, their smiles helped me to be patient and to continue my work there, building my endurance. Despite no tangible advantages for myself, I would never hesitate to volunteer at HOHAE, because this program continues to inspire and challenge me on a daily basis to serve those who are in need. Although the different tasks given to me were arduous at times, I never lost the motivation and strength to help out these children, seeing the potential to be great in each and every one of them.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Mari Musante says:


    How wonderful that you persisted in working with these children,
    even though it was difficult at times.
    You may not have thought there were tangible advantages for yourself, but
    I imagine you realized how blessed you are and you learned you can do
    something difficult when it will help someone else. For it is in giving that
    we experience satisfaction and joy! And we grow personally for this
    selflessness as well.

  2. Naveen says:

    Totally agree with you Mari.

    By persisting to work with these kids, Joshua did an incredible job and he may not realize that he has already modeled a behaviour that a lot of kids will get inspired from.