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He is Normal: By Tracy Stroud

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It was a strange day to learn since my ten years of living that I had a younger brother that I knew nothing about. Feelings of joy and curiosity over powered me. Many people would have been angry at their parents for not sharing this information with them but I guess I am not like others. My mother took me to the hospital where he was living to visit him for the first day. So many children were inside this place, some appeared to be normal with nothing wrong; others were in wheelchairs or had difficulty doing other things. When I was introduced to this boy that looked different than anyone I had ever seen before I still felt happiness about meeting my brother no matter how different he may have appeared. He wore a tract in his neck to help him breathe; he couldn’t speak but moved his hands in a fashion that I knew nothing about. Later learning this was sign language so he could communicate with other people about what he wanted or just to talk. It was truly amazing to watch how well he could use sign language. When he came home to live with us he was excited as all of my family was. He attended school with my sisters and me since he could do most things for himself and use sign language to communicate. About most of the students accepted him and treated him well, but there were some students that were mean and would tease him. He never let anyone distract him or hurt his feelings. My brother no matter what people would say would always smile and move on with what he was doing. It is people like my brother that make the world beautiful with how they act towards everything in the world, as though nothing bad can happen or let them down. My brother has motivated me to always be positive, even towards people that are mean to either yourself or others. I know that I have stood up for my brother many times because he is normal to me despite what some other people may say.