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Fearless Grandma : By Shubhankar Jain

“Hello There”, a loud, warm and pleasant voice greeted my family and me as soon as we were about to enter the car to go to the nearby grocery store. It was Grandma Phila (name changed for privacy reasons), our neighbor. She is not my grandma by blood, but it is said that family isn’t whose blood you carry, it’s who you love and who loves you.Therefore, my brother and I call her Grandma affectionately.

Grandma turned an astounding 86 years old last July and is a real fitness aficionado. In spite of her double mastectomy, multiple melanoma incidents, falls and other injuries, she spends an hour or more every single day of the year on her treadmill in the garage. As a result of her intense exercise schedule, she looks more fit than people decades younger.

She is fiercely independent and if you pass by her house, you can often see her tending to plants, raking leaves, and engaged in various other outdoor activities.

I thought to myself, “Here we were trying to get to the store, less than a mile away from our house, in our car and there was Grandma sweating off on treadmill.” A light bulb lit up in my head and I asked my dad whether we could walk to the store and enjoy beautiful fall evening air instead of driving to the store. I cajoled my brother out of the car and off we went on foot, inspired by my fearless grandma.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Penny in Campbell says:

    I love this story!
    Having an ’80-something’ next-door neighbor often outside tending her *enormous* garden – I am inspired each day as to just how to live a life with much more physical fitness than I might otherwise. Power to the Neighborhood Octogenarians!

  2. Gerard Crunkleton says:

    You have mentioned very interesting points! ps nice website.