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First Workshop at Grace Community Center


Yesterday, I went to the Art and Wellness Studio at the Grace Community Center, the only therapeutic recreation center of its kind in Santa Clara County that serves the social, recreational, and therapeutic needs of adults with mental illnesses. Stacey and I had planned a wonderful writing workshop at the center that will continue to take place every second Friday of the month until October 2012. At the workshop, people are free to make art or write stories to express themselves. Yesterday, several people came and I was once again, amazed by the stories that they had to tell.

A man, Herman was telling about his OCD and how it had completely changed his life. As a child, he had seen and judged mentally ill people but always thought that his life would never tread that path. I won’t tell you too much about him; I’ll let you read his story.

The stories and artwork that are created here every second Friday of the month will be compiled and presented on Disability Awareness Day in Downtown San Jose. We’ll distribute the stories in booklets and auction the wonderful art that the workshop members create.

You too, can contribute to this beneficiary cause by coming to the Grace Community Center’s Art and Wellness Studio every second Friday of the month from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Anyone and everyone is welcome!


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