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First Intern Meeting

Today, our interns and I gathered for our first meeting together for introductions and for me to give them a first look at the journey that they’ll join me on for this summer. As I talked to them about my previous experiences, I was excited to have a dedicated and hardworking team of people joining me in WorldWeDream’s mission. With everyone getting together along well, I’m definitely excited for the summer ahead. Here’s a little to let you know a little bit about our interns:

Nima Agah

I first heard about WorldWeDream from peers and other talk amongst school. As a person who enjoys community service, and helping others, I thought applying to WorldWeDream would be a great way to make use of my otherwise boring summer. I am 16, and on my way to becoming a senior at Cupertino High school. Another way I can relate to WorldWeDream is that my mother works on an almost daily basis with special need children at our local elementary and middle schools. Hearing her talk about what she notices with the children and how she goes about helping them was very inspiring to me, making me want to contribute to WorldWeDream.

Youseph Pavlovic

I am a student at Cupertino High School. I have several years experience in video and sound editing, and my focus at WorldWeDream is making video resumes. I have lived in Cupertino my whole life and want to stay in the Bay Area for college and the foreseeable future. In my free time, I like to read, play sports, play and listen to music, and spend time with my family.

Sarthak Grover

Hi! My name is Sarthak Grover and I am a student at Cupertino High School and will
be graduating next year as part of the Class of 2013. I was born in New Delhi, India
and lived there for roughly 7 years. I moved to California in 2011 and have enjoyed this
wonderful state since. My hobbies include playing sports, working out, and spending
time with my family. I love the outdoors and having fun with my friends. I have done a
lot of community service and also worked with autistic kids a couple of summers ago.
It was a remarkable experience and I look forward to being part of WorldWeDream as I
begin the next chapter of my life.

Jonathan Mo

Hi there! My name is Jonathan Mo, and I am going to be a sophomore at Cupertino High School.  I currently live in the city of San Jose with my parents and sister. My hobbies include playing the piano, saxophone, and double bass. I like to run cross-country and track as well. When I first heard about World We Dream, I wanted to join because of its simplistic yet far-reaching goal of helping numerous people with different kinds of capability challenges. I have interacted with a diverse group of people whose successes are not inhibited by such challenges. In my eyes, I believe that the endeavors of this organization will go extremely far in recognizing the talents of these separate individuals.

Priyanka Tavva

I am Priyanka, and I will be a junior at Cupertino High School. I started working with autistic kids in May, and they have inspired me to support WorldWeDream. While working with these kids, I have learned that they are capable of surpassing the standards society sets for them. In addition to helping autistic kids, I love to play sports, listen to music, read, and travel. After I complete my education and receive a job, I plan to visit a different country each year. I want to travel around the world to experience the food and culture of various countries.

Srinivaas Sekaran

I am currently a student at Cupertino High School. I may appear reserved but don’t mistake my soft-spoken nature as a lack of passion for life. I have numerous ideas for change in society and I believe WorldWeDream is a catalyst for a better community. Human mentality has always tried to isolate those that are simply different. I think changing this outlook is necessary before we do anything else and WorldWeDream promises to do just that. I look forward to be a part of this team and to leave my mark on the community.

Veda Thirumandas

I am a rising junior at Cupertino High School and have lived in Cupertino all my life.  With the goal of majoring in the sciences and hopefully becoming a doctor in the future, I am greatly interested in learning and in helping others. For this reason, I felt that interning at WorldWeDream would be the perfect way to spend my summer since I would be able to spend my time doing something extremely worthwhile and for the greater good.  My hobbies include listening to music, dancing, reading, and spending time with my loved ones.

Shachi Kakkar

Hey, my name is Shachi Kakkar, I am a Junior at Cupertino High School. I am a fun-loving, easy-going, dedicated and funny type of kid. I love helping other people in need, so when I heard about the chance to help out Shubhankar with WorldWeDream, I took the chance. I love making people smile and laugh and I always want others to keep smiling, and to make this come true, I do some pretty, ahem ‘exotic and wild’ things.

Pooja Bhatia

My name is Pooja Shannon Bhatia and I will be entering my senior year at Lynbrook High School in Northern California.  I have a dog named Otis and he makes me laugh everyday. I enjoy being outside and when I’m older, my dream career is to be in the film industry behind the scenes. My greatest passion is cycling and would love for it to take me traveling over the world doing what I love.  Also, helping people and sharing love and compassion is what the world needs more of and WorldWeDream is another step towards making the world a greater place.


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