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Dream Come True: By Julie Paulson

Dream Come True: By Julie PaulsonPhoto Courtsey of https://www.glueckaufgera.de/

I met Julie at Via West Open House on Saturday March 10th. She met us warmly and offered to take us to tour of Via West. When she heard about WorldWeDream she was moved and promised to write her own story. Here is the speach that she gave at Via Services Fundraiser Ball in Feb. She is 32 and has Down syndrome.



My name is Julie Paulson and I’m here tonight to talk to you about Via West. I’ve been a participant for over 20 years. Via West is an awesome place for people like me to go and have the best time of our lives. Not only do we get to hang out and have fun we make a lot of new friends. Some of the things we do at Via West are swimming, horseback riding, hiking, arts and crafts, skits, dances, dress up and so much more.

Via West has a program called Lifespan. Lifespan is all about nutrition and exercise. We learn about nutrition and get to prepare good meals. I love putting on my apron and cooking. We also get a lot of exercise. I like exercising to the Wii games and going on hikes. They also have Tae Bo, Yoga and all kinds of other activities. There is a huge sports court that we play games on. For some participants this is their only time away from home. Everyone loves going to Via West. It’s our vacation… a place just for us.

I’ve wanted to be a counselor at Via West for a long time. I went to a lot of training classes. I also volunteered for several months as a counselor-in-training. I’ve just been promoted to Junior Counselor. I work with a Senior Via West Counselor to provide care, instruction, and role modeling to participants in the weekend and summer programs. My dream has come true.

Via West has made a big difference in my life. You should come and see our
programs and please give us your support.

So, tonight…..


bid high and bid often.

One Response so far.

  1. Judi Kralevich says:

    I’ve know Julie since she was born! She is a truly amazing girl and an inspiration to everyone she knows.
    Keep it up Julie! You go girl

    Aunt Judi