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Don’t Mourn for Him: By Jahanvi Sardana


Courtesy of Public Domain Images

“Why is he like that?” asked the 7 year old innocent me. I was hushed that very moment. “You are not suppossed to say that?” I was told without any explanations. Even though I had a plethora of questions in my head, I managed coerce myself that there was nothing wrong with him. He’s my neighbour-Rohan. His father falls in my father’s coterie; So, it is blatant that we used to meet very often. His sister Ishita, he and I have played together, eaten together, indulged into strifes and have shared great camaraderie. I was completely oblivious of the fact that he was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.For me, he was like any of us. I don’t posesss an exegesis regrding what it is but if that is what it is called, I wish all of us would be lucky enough to suffer through this “disorder”. I know that this statement of mine would have a legion of fingers pointing at me. However, he is my inspiration. I have never come across someone as sublime as him. No, I’m not trying to portray my sympathies to him. He’s really worth the adulation. Rohan’s sister was truly sagacious. She was a true all-rounder who excelled in everything. It is completely natural for any sibling to unwittingly show some sort of vanity. But this was not the case with Rohan even though he was considered to be a dotard by many of his teachers. Everytime his sister came home with any achievement, he was always the happiest of all and innocently would gloat over his sister’s success. Not one of us “normal people” can do that even if we desire to. Whenever we went for any party, Rohan was the first one to step on the DJ and the last one to step down. I remember someone sitting next to me nd saying “That guy is making a serious fool out of himself!” “Really? Could you have the nerve to do the same and not craven away?”I told him irascibly.Rohan was deriding the saccharin others around him who were embellished with there glittering solitaires and ostentacious couture. They weren’t even enjoying a miniscule of how much Rohan was. Neither did he have to bother about who all looked at him nor did he care to furtively look at others to see what they were wearing.He didn’t even have to care about his clothes being blighted. All he wanted to hear was the deafening music and dance his heart out! How many of us can peel out the mask and be the real us for a change? It is not new for Rohan to be ogled by many wherever he went, eyes perpetually scrutinizing him as if he were a criminal. But how did Rohan respond to that extremely abashful behaviour? Well, he doesn’t consider it to be embarassing. In fact, he feels that he’s looking too good! He whole-heartedly gives hem an insouciant smile and unconsciously reverses the ramification making them feel extremely uncomfortable. If any of us are made to suffer through those ubiquitous stares while completely being oblivious about the reason, we would rather chose to dive in an abyss then and there and never emerge back. Rohan is the first one to surmise when someone is in a somber mood. He would sit there for long and adamently refuse to budge till he witnesses a natural smile on the other person’s face. He would do this for anyone regardless of their relation with him. Be it his mother, sister or their domestic help-chhotu and would try to allay their problems. We witness so many people being despondent but chose to take a cursory glance and move on. How many us would give our precious time to anyone and everyone? None of us can be so staunch as we have our priorities very much intact. Rohan has no friends because he is not suppossed to be “normal”. He is quite a maverick. But you would never see him sulking over this. We often get agitated when we have a fight with a single friends even though we have a many others ready to bolster us. Rohan’s only support is his family and he finds that more than enough. He doesn’t need anything else. Everytime they come over for dinner, everyone is filled with eulogy for the food. However, Rohan is the true critic. He would brusquely tell us that the food is reprehensible. He also feels that his parents’ taste buds must blighted to like such food. He doesn’t understand the reason why he should be lying to anyone! I call him “bhaiya” and he truly is my elder brother and I do try to emulate him.They call him “mentally retarded” and “abnormal”. Then why does he seem to be the only sane person on this Earth? We have completely lost our humanity and hold no rights to call ourselves “normal”.However, If we define the word normal, then he surely is abnormal. We if people like him are on the next stage of human revolution and the rest of us are RETARDED! For me, Rohan is my true mentor. He has taught me lessons that I could have never learnt otherwise. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to know him and his beautiful soul.

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