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Disability Awareness Day

Arriving in my coat and slightly creased jeans, I wasn’t sure what to expect of this day. I knew it was the 5th Annual Disability Awareness Day at City Hall. Yet, after living in San Jose for almost 16 years now, I hadn’t heard a word about this amazing event.

The first things I saw were booths. Booths were everywhere. Countless organizations lined up with myriads of fliers surrounded the Rotunda. Each of them had a service to provide, a story to tell, and other amazing opportunities to give to those with and without disabilities. But I couldn’t wait. I had a workshop to run.

So I hurried to Wing 118 to give WorldWeDream’s Story Writing Workshop. It was a delightful experience. I had the chance to speak to several people about WorldWeDream’s message and objective. I shared some stories from WorldWeDream and answered several questions to a very moved audience. At the end, I passed out some of the books, Holding Hope, that Grace Community Center and WorldWeDream worked on for the past couple of months. By the way, the books turned out wonderful! We’ve been posting pages from the book on the site under the stories section. In a couple of weeks, we’ll post the whole book! Keep an eye for that!

After the workshop, I spent time watching all of the performances/visiting all of the booths. It was nice to hear about all of the amazing programs provided in the Bay Area for all people with disabilities. I remember that there was this portable shower that could be taken anywhere for those who could not access their bathroom. There were also programs that allowed those with any special need to participate in water and winter sports! I made sure to pick up every flier from the event.

Later on, the Changeling Dance Theater performed some fantastic interpretative dances. What’s special about this theater is that it includes both people with and without capability challenges. Their 3rd dance performance included readings of some of the stories that people from Grace wrote. It was simply fabulous to watch. But why do you have to hear me talk about it? You can check out the video in our next update!

Overall, Disability Awareness Day was, as every experience is, enlightening and astounding.