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Decisions : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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It was a bright day, as I walked to school looking forward to the motivational speech we were to be given. As a change from the regular schedule, I knew that the motivational speaker would add a new light to my day. However, I did not know he would completely change the way I thought. During his speech he talked about the decisions he made when he was younger and the consequences he is facing now for those decisions. I could see that the man was clearly disabled and had to move wherever he wanted in a wheelchair. He mentioned how a chain of coincidences and bad choices had led him to be handicapped. This completely changed my thought process. I felt that every day we took the way we could freely walk around for granted.

I realized that there were many others who did not have the same opportunity and had to be physically pushed to their destination. This experience shined a different light on the way I think every day. We simply walk around in our daily lives, not realizing how simple accidents could take away the very legs we walk with. I finally understood the convenience that we were offered with having functional arms and legs. Now days, I do not take these for granted and I realize that here are many out there who don’t have the same physical opportunity as me. Therefore, I try to make the most out of my life every day, because we never know when everything could change.

I am now committed to doing more, because I feel that I am offered an array of opportunities every day that can be snatched away at any time. Clearly, meeting this individual has inspired me and changed the way I think and make decisions.