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David: Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge


Photo Courtesy from Pixabay

My first life experience with people with disabilities began when I met David Han, a brilliant sophomore in Cupertino High School. David was different than other students and I can say he was gifted with something special. I first met David when I saw my friend, Eugene, helping and talking
to him. I was very interested and curious because it was the first time I had seen a blind person right in front of me! He looked very blissful and proud as he talked. He stood tall with his white cane.
Even though I don’t talk to him much, I think he changed my life by becoming a more caring
person. I was impressed when I heard David is involved in wrestling! That just freaked me out
a lot. In my head, I was like “how can blind kids like David survive the pain and suffering in
wrestling.” If I was blind, could I be brave as David? I ask myself this question. David is blind, but so what. He shows that everyone can do anything if they try. He takes regular classes like other students and does things like other students. There is no difference; David is proving that he is the same as us. He is not an outsider: a poor and weak kid that people think won’t survive or do anything in life. As I see students helping David, I feel I want to do the same but in our society, we are afraid we might be made fun of. We can’t feel like that anymore, we have to stand up for what we believe in. David showed me through him, that I can do anything. My message is to help and think about the disability students like David and how they can impact our lives for the further generations.

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