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Changing Experience: Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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When I signed up for AYSO V.I.P, an organization in which high school students assist children with disabilities. I was not aware of that I would be helping children who had such special needs; it was just as a volunteering experience. I noticed this one small boy, who had glasses and was always by his mom’s side.  I decided that, I wanted to involve him so I went up to him. As a human, it is natural for one to judge another. I instantly judged him and thought how different he was than most of the kids. As I approached him, he turned his head away. I felt so guilty for demoralizing human I knew nothing about.

This experience changed my outlook towards life because I realized that everyone is special in their own way. I learned not to judge anyone because that one little boy. No one had an idea about what the boy was suffering through.  He was just like me but different in his own way. His desires were the same as mine.  Why was he was not treated with the same respect as I was?
Another experience, which changed my perspective, was a boy in my math class who was blind.  As soon as I met him, I felt pity for him. I felt terrible he didn’t have the opportunity to look at the life the way I did. However, as I became to know him I realized that he was just as happy I was. He did not like it when individuals felt pity for him. From that day on, I treated him the exact same way as I treated my friends who were “normal”. I recognized that these individuals with disabilities are so grateful and content in their own special way.
After these experiences, I became grateful for what I was gifted for and realized that there is so much in life that I have and should appreciate.  I am glad, I had the chance to experience this, and otherwise my life would not have been impacted in a positive way.