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Care : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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Out of all the disabilities out there in the world today, the most tragic of all are the ones that are invisible to us: mental disabilities. People have ignored these types of problems and claim that they are able to be cured through ignorance and just simply, through stress-relief. I felt that those people’s words were true as well, that is, until several days ago. Walking along the halls of my school one day, I came across a young girl sitting and crying alone against a classroom door. I knew this girl. This girl, with beautiful brown eyes and black blue-dyed hair, was one of those people I knew skipped school almost every day and had problems with finishing up her daily homework assignments. She was a classmate I did not know well and always disregarded because of her strange ways. However, as I knelt down beside her that afternoon to ask her what was wrong, just because of my pity for her condition, I was definitely not prepared for what she was about to tell me next. I asked her why she was not coming to school these days and she responded with a mere “I don’t know”. After a moment of silence, she continued to talk and this time, tell me about her life story. At first, she began with a story of how she was unable to focus in her classes and because of this, her parents becoming angry at her for her dropping grades. Then, she told me that she resorted to attempting to killing herself. Kill. That word caught my attention. I knew something was wrong with this beautiful girl. Did she wish to commit suicide? She always seemed perfectly happy to me, this wonderful individual. She refused to get up from her spot for the next hour after she told her story and told me how the world all “hated” on her and how she was uncared for at home and at school. All I did was drag her to the guidance office.

The next day, I learned that she was diagnosed with depression. She was hospitalized rather than given medication.

From that day on, I realized the seriousness of the effects of the growth of someone’s distress. What I thought was only mere moments of distress for a person was actually symptoms for a depressive disorder. This was terrible. This was not going to continue.

From then on, I committed myself to the happiness of others and made sure that those closest to me were safe from falling into these pits of darkness. When one realizes something is wrong about another those to him or her, one should most definitely consider their problems. Things like these cannot grow to reach everyone else.

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