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Blessed : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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I was more than excited when I found out my parents told me I could go to Hong Kong for my very first time. I couldn’t sit still during the thirteen hour flight to Hong Kong, and all I can think of is the food I am going to eat, the things I am going to buy, and the people I am going to meet. Because all my relatives are in Hong Kong, and my family is the only family who are in California, I never met my relatives before. I won’t forget the first time I met one of my cousins. He was about twenty one years old, and if you glance at him for once, you won’t notice anything different. He looked like a normal teenage boy, but he was different. He was different than all my other relatives. He was blind.

He was very intelligent, but he couldn’t see. Whenever we went to places with my other relatives, he needed help to get to places and help when he ate. Whenever we watched TV, he could only hear the sounds, and couldn’t see anything else that was happening. Being the six year old child I was, I was very curious about his life. I was a bit scared though because I did not know him too well, but I really had the urge to find out what he did and how he did things. Slowly, I began to talk to him more and more and I got to know him better and better. I learned that he read books and newspapers and other things with brail. He had a computer that used brail, and he could use it for typing things and going on the internet. He could do a lot of normal things even with his disability. It was amazing. He was really smart and he was always motivated to try new things. He was not discouraged at all, even when he had this misfortune. He was not cursed; he was blessed. My view on blind people completely changed. I always thought they had less than me, or at least less than a normal person. But that wasn’t true because they had more. They were much smarter than normal people, and much more motivated. My perspective was completely changed.

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