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Be A Catalyst : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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A child of the age of 15. Going to high school, just like the rest of you. But one thing makes him stand out from the rest. People stare as him as he strolls by in his 50 pound electric wheelchair with a man behind him, guiding him to his classes. People try avoiding him as he rolls through the hallways. People don’t see him as equals. People see him as someone different, an alien. Discrimination based on disabilities is something that is not rare in our modern society. As soon as a person sees another person with some sort of disability or difference, they immediately judge them in any way possible. Although this is completely wrong and offends people, it is safe to say that almost everyone sees a person with a disability differently.

I, myself, have had experience with a person with a disability before. I once had to interview a young boy with down syndrome for our school’s yearbook. It was not what I expected at all. I stereotyped the boy as someone that was completely impossible to talk to, just because he had a disease. After I asked my first question, “What’s your name?” , he responded with a perfectly clear and sincere response, “Zijiang Bo”. It wasn’t like he didn’t know how to talk or anything. He was exactly the same as the rest of us, but in a wheelchair.

Try to put yourself in their position. What if you had a disability? Your perspective would completely change. You wouldn’t see the world the same way. People create an imaginary bubble around you while you walk down the hallways. People look at you funnily when you try to be yourself. The huge stereotypical discrimination in this world has to stop, and the first step to stop it is to stop being a hypocrite and do something about it. Be a catalyst.

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