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AYSO VIP Soccer : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

Photo Courtesy of http://www.astorilab.com/

For our sophomore year we were required to complete 6 hours of community service. At first, I was just going to volunteer with my clubs at school but then I heard about an opportunity to work with disabled kids by helping them play and learn soccer. I immediately became interested in this and signed up; the program was called AYSO VIP. I’ve always loved playing soccer and help people who need it and this opportunity gave me a chance to do both. When I first arrived there, we were each assigned to help one kid. I got Jace. I immediately loved him he was so hyper and active as well as sweet and attentive. He was a quick learner but got easily off task and didn’t know how to talk. I still felt that I could adequately communicate with him even with his disability and we soon became friends. Every time I went back he was always paired as my buddy and I began to look forward to our time together. He improved so much from when we first met and even though he still wasn’t as good as most kids he was still happy. This experience helped me create a relationship with someone that I will remember forever, not only did I gain a friendship but he was also like a little brother for me. It only took a few hours out of a week and it never felt like a burden to me. I hope that I will be able to convince others to participate in programs like AYSO VIP because it was a life changing experience not only for me but hopefully Jace as well. I was really happy to give him the opportunity to have normal life experiences like other kids. He was finally able to be part of a team