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Awesome : Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

Photo Courtsey of http://www.friaryschool.com/

In elementary school, I met this blind boy in church named David. He was a very tall person who was very strong and talented. I always was with him at church and hung out him a lot. Some people did treat him differently because he was blind. I never treated him differently and treated him as a friend like I do all my other friends. In middle school, we would share stories about what happened at each other middle schools because we went to the same church, but did not go to the same school. We heard many stories about each other, a lot of them were really funny and interesting. He told me stories about his wrestling and how skilled he was. I even tried to jump on his back and attack for fun, but he flipped me over and defeated me in a fight. He also told me about his skills in the fine arts and everyone was amazed at his skill with his instrument. Now in high school, we go to the same school. We had drama together and we hang out with each other a lot in drama. Even outside of drama, we still hung out and talked to each other at church. In drama, people thought it be tough for a boy like David to participate in a lot of the scenes and activities. However, David’s actions proved all those who doubted him wrong. In his performances, he did not play the passive role and played the role with movement. During combat scenes, he perfectly managed to do the scene. He always did roles that required movement and was never played the passive role. That was in freshmen year though. Now in sophomore year, David and I do not share any classes. We still hang out and tell stories with each other at school, since I stopped going to church. He tells me that people give him the role with little movement in his advanced drama class. I think if people gave David a chance, he will prove them all wrong like he did to those who doubted him in freshmen year. David is an inspiration to all because he shows that even though he is blind, he is able to do anything a person who can see.

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