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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to change the world through inspiration and compassion and by doing so, also enhance the abilities of special needs and underprivileged persons to integrate in the community. We believe that everyone, including people with capability challenges, should be given a fair chance to contribute in the community to the best of their potential.

Through WorldWeDream, we want to dispel these myths about disabled people:

1. People with mental or physical disabilities cannot be trained to perform a job as well as an employee without a disability.

2. Impoverished people are in their current condition because they do not put enough effort in their life to work.

How is this accomplished?

First, we encourage everyone, including children, to share their true life experiences of inspiration and compassion, especially ones involving people with capability challenges. These stories inspire people with disabilities to excel in what they do best. They also inspire people without disabilities to assist people with disabilities to excel.

We augment the job/college applications of people with special needs and/or an underprivileged background by creating video resumes. These resumes help our clients stand out among common job applicants and thus increase their chances of job or college acceptance. By finding jobs and attending college, this largely unrepresented group can contribute to the community, making life better for all.


These myths and misunderstandings regarding special needs and underprivileged people prevent them from finding jobs that utilize their potential to the fullest extent. We want to change that and create a future where every single person in the world is involved with their community. With more people participating, the community is safer and provides more opportunities for development. The community growth doesn’t stop there however. It spreads to other communities, states/provinces, and countries. This is what we dream of. We DREAM of WORLDwide community integration for a better world for all.