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A New Perspective: Cupertino High School UN Story Challenge

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During International Week, on Global Community Day, I was watching a robotics activity alone when all of a sudden, a kid with a disability from my school came up to me and started talking to me. At first, I did not know that he was talking to me. Once I realized that he was indeed talking to me, I started to wonder what I should say back. He was talking about how he could not control his robot because the remote controls was too difficult. Let me explain first: for the robotics activity, there was a little robot activated by a game control. You had to maneuver the robot around to reach a destination on the board.  As I was processing what I should say say, he went on talking about how he was enjoying International Week. I admired his positive attitude and how optimistic he was. I loved the way he enjoyed life and even though he faced obstacles, he bravely tries to overcome it. I smiled and encouraged him to try the robotics activity again. He gave me a brilliant smile and told me he would try again. Although I feel bad for not helping him with the robotics activity, I was happy to know that he did not give up.

This experience has impacted me in ways I didn’t understand until now. I have never really paid any attention to disabled kids because I was so focused around my own life. However, I realized that they are also people today, but they struggle even more than us. They have to face many challenges that we do not. Although this was only a tiny experience that lasted for a few short minutes, I saw the world in a whole new way. I learned to respect people and I want to help out more now. Next year, I resolve to join Best Buddies, a club that helps disabled kids, to try to help them out. I want to know that I understand the challenges they face and I am willing to help.

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