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A Different Disability: By Srinivaas S.

chocolate slim dove acquistarlo oggiEvery year, my family makes or at least attempts to make a visit to India. The visits have been happening ever since I was able to walk and they will continue on. These trips have been nothing more than reunions with family, sightseeing, and idle relaxation. However, that has changed recently. Last summer vacation, my family decided to give back more extensively to those in need back home. Yes, we donated in the past summers to the needy, but last summer was something different. Rather than simply writing off a check to the local blind school or government hospital, we chose to get a little personal.
By the usual donations, we might give an unknown child a pencil or two or if they’re lucky, a notebook. Instead, we chose a small group of children from a Banglore charitable organization. Before giving them the funds to allow them to receive an education for a lifetime, we simply gave them a home cooked meal. The meal was nothing extravagant, yet, the children ate the rice as if it was nectar from the Gods. Standing close to the children, I could see something amazing in their eyes. It was as if they conveyed their entire sorrows and joys through the contentment in the eyes. The world has recognized many different types of disabilities; however, they have failed to put forth one more. These children are not disabled by their own bodies, but by the conditions they were born into. They have been given little opportunities to let their talents speak. Looking at them made me genuinely realize how fortunate I am to have the opportunities I have. I have also realized to enjoy the simple things in life and be thankful for them. I may not be religious but I thank all the people who have toiled to bring me the rice that is awaiting me on the family table.

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